So why we so persistently accustom the child to suck a pacifier?

To whom is it necessary? The answer is obvious – of course to us, mothers. To have opportunity at least to feel a little free from the kid. And the baby needs a mother’s breast with milk and warmly mother’s body.

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Not possibility of breastfeeding can only be an exception. Children on artificial feeding do not manage to satisfy a fressreflex during feeding.

After all it is much easier to suck milk from a small bottle, than to extract it from a mother’s breast. Feeding comes to an end very quickly (about 5-10 minutes, instead of 30-40 natural feedings). The kid during this time does not even manage to understand that he gorged on. Sense of fullness comes approximately in fifteen minutes after the beginning of meal. In this case the baby’s dummy is simply necessary. But besides, no violence! The nature took care of everything and if the baby needs a baby’s dummy, he will suck it, without any shifts of you.

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If the kid refuses a funny pacifiers, means to him it is not necessary. It the same as feeding on demand. Also and the sucking of a baby’s dummy has to be according to the requirement and desire of your kid, but not your desire. Think of the future when you have to disaccustom to a funny pacifiers. For the majority it is a huge problem.

My son was on artificial feeding and the baby’s dummy was present at our arsenal. As a rule, I gave him a pacifier after a small bottle with milk, he felt asleep with it, and then spat out. And I never return it to him.. When he grew up, I simply put a pacifier in a bed, & he took it if it was necessary. As a result in year and two months the son ceased to take a pacifier in a mouth. It simply did not become necessary to him. And I  cleaned a pacifier in a box without any problems, he did not remember it any more. And we still have ate milk from a small bottle about a year, without any pacifiers. So think…

I wish all good luck!.

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